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Treatment Options

Listed below are the various treatment options for PANDAS.  Please refer to the PANDAS Network links and their descriptions for each treatment. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

   CBT is a treatment used to help with the OCD symptoms of PANDAS.  CBT usually compliments the other treatment options listed.  See the                                    section to find a psychologist near you or consult your doctor.  


     See the link below to read about the different types of antibiotic use for PANDAS treatment and also the types of antibiotics used to treat PANDAS.


        Antibiotic Use for PANDAS as described by Swedo/NIMH diagnostic critera


       Click the link to read more about steroid use for PANDAS

Immune Based Treatments 

IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin)

      Canadian Blood Services describes IVIG as proteins (antibodies) extracted from human plasma that are primarily used to treat patients with immune disorders, either immune (antibody) deficiency disorders or autoimmune disorders.   Several links are provided below to provide more information on IVIG:


                IVIG Overview from the PANDAS Network      

                NTWG on Blood and Blood Products Guidelines for IVIG use in Canada

                Evidence Based Guidelines on use of IVIG in Canada  


Plasmaphoresus or Plasma Exchange(PEX)


      Canadian Blood Services also describes plasma as the liquid part of the blood. Plasma can be collected by apheresis or prepared through a whole blood donation. It helps other blood components circulate through the body, supporting the immune system, and promoting the control of excessive bleeding.


       See what the PANDAS network has to say about Plasma Exchange

       Research Article on the effects of Plasma Exchange on OCD and tic disorders

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